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View my educational videos for your children's reading future on youtube: Knowledge is Power! whatisblu? 

 Learning videos to assist parents, teacher and other educational professionals to understand how important it is to give their child, student an early start and early steps to a lasting future...

Knowledge is Power! - Knowledge is Forever! 

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Steve Mccurdy

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Crystal's Korner


 Three Generous Employees 

February, 2019

I went to the Store today to buy some furniture.  At the end of the transaction the clerk and I starting talking about my occupation (teacher). I occasionally mention that I write children's book.  Oh Wow!  when I said that .. employees got in the conversation and long story short... I sold two hardback copies and 3 digitals that day to three employees.  That was a wonder feeling and favor of  the Creator!   PURCHASE ONLINE TODAY!

Thanks Rental-A-Center 

Page Publishing Review Board Approved...

September 6, 2018

I am excited to announce that Page Publishing Review Board approved to publish my second book!!  So hopefully in the next six and ten months I will be introducing  to my new book ... So I will keep you updated as much as possible on this new journey....

Crystal's Korner


Mother of 6

November 7, 2017

Mother of 6 children entered an eBook giveaway that I held on  She got in touch with me on messenger and told me that she entered the giveaway and would love to have a hardback copy but she couldn't afford to buy one.  She stated that she would write a good review if I could send her one.  I agreed and ordered a copy and mailed it to her. She sent me photos of her adorable kids and a video of the oldest daughter reading the book and at the end of the video she said, thank you and  I love you....

Warmed my heart :)

Paper Flower Creations

Hi Everyone

I am in the market of making and selling paper flowers for birthday parties, weddings, special occasions.  My prizes are reasonable and affordable. My decorations and flowers are quite beautiful.   Please contact me via email.  Thank you.